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Musica Charity Choir MK

We are a choir based in Milton Keynes, currently with 18 voices, that performs for free apart from a modest fee for our accompanist.

What we do:

We take great pride and joy in performing at a high standard to raise money for worthy causes. The choir performs a mixed programme, singing very varied music so there’s something for everyone from well known stage and screen melodies, folk songs, spirituals, church music, pop songs and classics. Choir items are interspersed with solo, duet or quartet performances from our singers and we always feature our very talented accompanist. We can involve the audience too if requested, particularly at Christmas.

Where we perform:

We perform mainly in and around Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire but can consider other areas too.

Who we perform for:

We will perform for any charity or organisation working for a charitable cause or willing to donate to a charity for our services. This includes concert evenings, functions, events, weddings etc.

How to book us:

Simply contact to negotiate a date, time, place and programme. Please note that due to popularity and high demand we have only one available concert date left for 2019. We are taking preliminary enquiries for 2020.

How the event is organised:

We produce a programme for you to print. You book the venue, print the programmes, organise the advertising, arrangements for the evening, refreshments, raffle etc. We come and perform and you collect a worthy profit for your charity. We are keen to  work together with organisations to support advertising and promotion.

We already have a number of confirmed bookings for 2019, don’t hesitate, a limited number of concert opportunities still remain.

We are available to hire for weddings, funerals and functions. You can make an enquiry through our contact page.

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