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Musica Charity Choir Charity Choir Terms and Conditions of Booking


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Musica’s Terms

  • There is no charge for the choir or Musical Director.
  • There is a small fee for the accompanist. This is usually £80 for our regular accompanist. However, if he is unavailable for your concert, we will have to engage a deputy and the fee may have to be negotiated.
  • The accompanist’s fee must be paid to the Choir Treasurer in cash on the night of the concert. A receipt will be issued.


Musica’s Responsibilities

  • Musica is responsible for selection of music to be performed.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the duration of music performed will be approximately 90 minutes, split either side of an interval.
  • Musica will produce a simple A4 folded concert programme.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, Musica will bring an electronic keyboard, which has been PAT-tested and is subject to visual safety checks.
  • Any other electrical equipment that Musica brings (e.g. lights) is subject to visual checks for safety.
  • Musica holds public liability insurance.


Musica’s Concert Day Requirements

  • Ability to unload a car close to the venue.
  • Parking for 7 – 9 choir cars within close proximity to the venue.
  • Space and seating for up to 26 choir members.
  • Space for an electronic piano.
  • A socket or power extension cable near where the piano will be.
  • That the space will have been heated for arrival.
  • That lighting above the choir area will be functional.
  • A room or separate space to put bags and coats.


Concert Organisers Responsibilities

  • to organise the concert at the venue.
  • to decide on the ticket price(s) and method(s) of sale.
  • to promote the concert (see page 3 of this document); Musica can provide a poster design but copying and distributing is the Concert organiser’s responsibility.
  • to provide and sell the tickets; the expectation is an audience of at least 70 people.
  • to decide upon and organise concert refreshments, raffle, venue decoration and any other peripheral activities on concert day. It is expected that every opportunity will be taken to maximise the sum raised for the selected charity/charities. 
  • to ensure that Musica’s concert day requirements are fulfilled.
  • to ensure that the Venue is a safe space in which to perform with appropriate unlocked fire exits and an evacuation procedure.
  • to ensure there is public liability insurance covering the event.
  • to ensure any venue music licensingissues are addressed.


Cancellation Policy

  • In the unlikely event that the Concert organiser cancels the event, no charge will be made by Musica. It will be the responsibility of the Concert organiser to refund ticket sales directly to its customers.
  • In the unlikely event that Musica cancels in advance of the event, there will be no liability on Musica Charity Choir MK, its members or Officers. It will be the responsibility of the Concert organiser to refund ticket sales directly to its customers.


Data Protection Policy

  • Musica conforms to the seven principles of theGeneral Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).
  • Musica collects only limited personal data from its Concert organiser’s (Contact name, contact email address and Contact phone number).
  • The data is only used for the purposes of communicating about concert arrangements.
  • The data is kept in a Google Drive folder, which is accessible only by Officers of the choir. Email addresses will, of course, also appear in senders’ mailboxes.
  • Musica would like to keep these limited personal details on file after the concert is over for a period of three years, because Concert organisers often book the choir again in the future. If you prefer us to delete your data as soon as is practicable after the concert date, please email us on contact@musicamk.


Please type your name and date below and return to whole form contact@musicauk.uk.

In returning this form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions it contains.


Confirmation by email is regarded as acceptance by the Concert Organiser:


Download Musica Charity Choir Charity Choir Terms and Conditions